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Color                cycles per second                     Wavelength

Yellow                500.                 6000Angstroms

                                                                             570-580 nm

                                                                             595-570 Hz

Yellow is the color evoked by lightthat stimulates both the L and M (long and medium wavelength) cone cells of theretina about equally, but does not significantly stimulate the S(short-wavelength) cone cells; that is, light with much red and green but notvery much blue.

Light with a wavelength of 570-580nm is yellow, as is light with a suitable mixture of somewhat longer andshorter wavelengths. Yellow's traditional RYB complementary color is purple,violet or indigo. Yellow's colorimetrically defined complementary color in bothRGB and CMYK color spaces is blue.

The word yellow comes from the OldEnglish geolu, which derived from the Proto-Germanic word gelwaz.The oldest known usage of this word in English is in the Old English poemBeowulf, in a description of a shield made of wood from a yew tree.

In the English language, yellow isused to describe objects having the color between green and orange in thevisible light spectrum (gold, egg yolks, sunflowers, etc.). The color isassociated with age and aging, both with people and objects (e.g.yellowed-paper). Ethnographically, the term yellow has also been used as aslang term for both oriental persons and light-skinned African-Americans. Theterm is associated at times with jealousy, as well as cowardliness. Lastly, itis associated with sensational journalistic practices, or yellow journalism,and resistance to militant trade unions.


Yellow is a bright that is oftendescribed as cheery and warm.

Yellow is also the most fatiguingto the eye due to the high amount of light that is reflected. Using yellowas a background on paper or computer monitors can lead to eyestrain or visionloss in extreme cases.

Yellow can also create feelingsof frustration and anger. While it is considered a cheerful color, peopleare more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies tend to crymore in yellow rooms.

Yellow can also increase themetabolism.

Since yellow is the most visiblecolor, it is also the most attention-getting color. Yellow can be usedin small amount to draw notice, such as on traffic sign or advertisements.


In metaphysics yellow connects withthe solar plexus.

Yellow is the color of intellect andit is used for mental clarity. Linked to the sun and the lion, it is connectedto source of creation was it's frequency emerges into higher frequencies.

YELLOW relates to the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, situated below the ribs

The organs to which this chakra relates are the liver, spleen, stomach andsmall intestine. The endocrine gland is the pancreas.

On the psycho-spiritual level, yellow relates to self worth. How we feelabout ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. This is the area of thepersonality, the ego and the intellect and of self confidence.

AssociatedproblemsSome of the associated problems with the solar plexus are:- diabetes,pancreatitis, liver disease, peptic ulcer, Coeliac's disease, gall stones.

Some Positive and negative aspects of the colour Yellow 

positive aspects of this colour

broad minded

good humored




positive and good humored

negative aspects of this colour


looks for flattery

feelings of inferiority

over analytical




UsingYellow in Therapy

Yellow is one of the three colours in the lower half of the visible spectrumIt is known as a "warm" colour and has a stimulating effect. It isthe colour of the intellect and can be very helpful with study and where concentrationis required.

Dig into the meaning andnegative/positive symbolism of yellow as well as the colors that work well withshades of yellow.

Shades of Yellow These words are synonymous with yellow or represent variousshades of the color yellow: banana, cadmium yellow, chartreuse, chiffon, cream,golden, goldenrod, khaki, lemon, mellow yellow, saffron, topaz, yellow ocher.

Hope and Happiness, the Nature and Cultureof Yellow:

Yellow is sunshine. It is a warmcolor that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denoteshappiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice anddeceit.

Yellow is one of the warm colors.Because of the high visibility of bright yellow, it is often used for hazardsigns and some emergency vehicles. Yellow is cheerful.

For years yellow ribbons were wornas a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home fromwar. Today, they are still used to welcome home loved ones. Its use for hazardsigns creates an association between yellow and danger, although not quite asdangerous as red.

If someone is yellow it meansthey are a coward so yellow can have a negative meaning in some cultures.

Yellow is for mourning in Egypt andactors of the Middle Ages wore yellow to signify the dead. Yet yellow has alsorepresented courage (Japan), merchants (India), and peace.

Yellow color wakes up any room likethe rising sun. The feng shui color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting yellowvibes always lighten and brighten any home or office, as well as create a cozy,welcoming feng shui feeling.


From hot sunflower yellow to pale buttery yellow tones - there are many fengshui color options to choose from when you are decorating your office or yourhome.


Yellow color is an excellent feng shui choice for:

your children's roomsthe kitchenthe living room.Any dull,dark room with little sunlight will greatly benefit from a yellow based fengshui decor scheme to compensate for the lack of light and bring the gentlewarmth of the sun.


Yellow color brings the energy of the Fire feng shui element in a gentler waythan red; it is the most enchanting of all colors, as well as easier to"live with" in bigger/larger quantities.


Color researchers believe color yellow to increase self-esteem and strengthenthe overall health and well-being.


Feng shui-wise, use hot yellow in moderation in the feng shui bagua areas ofEast and Southeast of your home, and freely in the Center, South and Northeastbagua areas.


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