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The Physical body,

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The Physical Body




The Physical Body provides an experience of complete separation, which is unavailable in any

other body. This experience of separation clarifies persona lcharacter and the essence of

individuality. The Physical Body also provides stability, a solid foundation for all the other

bodies. The Physical Body also assists in the crystallization of consciousness - any lessons

learned while in a Physical Body, any experiences processed through it, become clearly

defined and permanent consciousness as result of the Physical Body's separative and

stabilizing influence. This is why the Physical Body is so valuable in ourgrowth process.

Range of Consciousness:

The five physical sensory organs giving perceptions of sight, sound, touch,taste, and smell

limited to solid, liquid, and gaseous matter - painful and not painful. The five physical organs of

action: hands (grasping, etc.), feet(motion), digestive system (eating and excreting), throat

(speaking), and genitals (sex and reproduction).



associated with different consciousness functions, many neuroscientists do admit that they

cannot locate emotions, mind, and soul in the brain. Nor can they fully explain the human

psyche with neuroanatomy.

THE PHYSICAL BRAIN IS A RELAY STATION, translating emotional, mental, and spiritual

events and information into neuro-electro chemical events and information.


All states of consciousness exist independent of the physical body. This relay station works in

both directions: spiritual, mental, or emotional states trigger neuro-electrochemical events in

the brain (physical consciousness) and neurochemical stimulation (for example through drugs)

open access to specific states of emotion, thought, or spiritual awareness.

The Physical Body is composed of the energy states of solids, liquids, and gases and is

dependent upon the Etheric Body for its vitality, life, organization, and many processes that

result in health.

Looking at a person from a purely energetic viewpoint, the physical or dense body has little

significance. A yogi or sage, for example, would not be interested in a Physical Body condition

just a person's emotional and spiritual make-up. To therest of us, it is the body that is treated

using physical therapy,manipulation, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Most importantly, the

body shows us the signs and symptoms of energy imbalance when tested.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a practitioner discovers bodily imbalance through tests

such as pulse diagnosis, hara abdominal diagnosis, tsing point diagnosis, iris diagnosis, or

Listening Post analysis.

Symptoms are golden pearis ofinformation that are used to identify the cause of the disease (dis-ease), andthey show us how steps can be taken to treat the patient.

It is my opinion thatmost of our ills are caused by imbalance in our Emotional Bodies, and thesymptoms of disease are merely housed in the Physical Body.

If the chakra points are used, acupuncture affects the subtle bodies, thus treating theetiology of

the condition, making acupuncture an equally viable treatment toother traditional Western

medical treatments.

Thereis a profound evolutionary shift that is taking place in the world that can beseen in the

growing recognition of the fundamental role that energy plays inhealing (Benor,


The grandfather of this revolution of energy healing in the West is Dr. Robert Becker.

In the early 1980s, he was one of the first scientists to measure the “current of

injury” associated with healing wounds and bone fractures. In his early research on the

healingand regeneration of salamanders, Becker (1985) showed that the control system

thatstarted, regulated, and stopped healing was electrical.

Becker’swork built upon the work of other scientists, such as Harold Burr, a Yale

Schoolof Medicine neuroanatomist who measured the electrical field around an

unfertilizedsalamander and put forth research that physical illness is preceded by

changesin an organism’s electromagnetic field (Burr & Northrup, 1935). Scientist Owen

Frazee reported in 1909 that passing electrical currents through water containing young

salamanders speeded up the regeneration of amputated limbs (as cited in Becker, 1985, p.


Since that time, there have been numerous well-researched studies showing the

efficacyof various forms of energy in healing.Some have described this paradigm shift

as arevolution, signaling a move from a Newtonian to an Einsteinian medicine model.

FromEinstein’s insights about how energy is a key to opening the mysteries of the

universe,and the physical sciences developing that idea further, we are now on the edge

ofharnessing those mysteries in the arena of medicine and healing. As paraphrased from Gerber.

Newtonian hinkers see the human body as a series of intricate chemical

systems powering a structure of nerve, muscle, flesh, and bones. The

physical body is viewed as a supreme mechanism, intricate physical

clock work down to the very cellular structure. Einsteinian Medicine sees

human beings as networks of complex energy fields that interface with

physical/cellular systems. There is a hierarchy of subtle energetic systems

thatcoordinate electrophysiological, hormonal, and cellular structure of

thephysical body. It is from these subtle levels that health and illness

originate.These unique energy systems are powerfully affected by

emotions,spiritual balance, nutrition, and environment. They influence cellular patterns of growth.

Thisenergy-related revolution is affecting a wide variety of disciplines, including

physics,biology (Pert, 1997; Lipton, 2005), and medicine, and should no longer be

consideredfringe science—it is now thought to be mainstream. Western knowledge of

energyin the human organism has come a long way from believing that nerves are the

onlypart of the body that contain electricity. We now know that the body emits abroad

spectrumof electromagnetic and acoustic radiation that has been measured by magnetic

resonanceimaging (MRI), electroencephalogram (EEG),

electrocardiogram(EKG),electromylogram (EMG), thermography, and ultrasound.

These instrumentsare used to monitor and diagnose diseases.

Behindthe everyday use of instruments to measure energies lies a once-in-an-era

changein the very foundation of science. It was Dr. Lipton (2005), cell biologist and

authorof The Biology of Belief, who wrote that the pyramid of science ischanging. With

thisshift at the bottom of the pyramid showing physics changing from a Newtonian

mechanisticview to one of quantum mechanics, energy and energy fields have come to

theforefront of importance. Lipton says that once the bottom of the pyramid ofscience in

physics shifts, all of the levels—chemistry, biology, andpsychology—need to shift as


AlthoughWestern medicine uses instruments, such as the EEG, to read energy

fields,it has not taken the next step in understanding the role energy plays in otherways,

according to Dr. Lipton. He shows how animals, from single cells tohumans, convert

environmental stimuli into physiological and behavioralresponses. Dr. Lipton says that scientific

research has revealed that “everyfacet of biological regulation is profoundly impacted by the

‘invisible forces’of the electromagnetic spectrum … electromagnetic radiation regulates DNA,

RNAand protein synthesis, alters protein shape and function, and controls generegulation, cell

division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis [the process bywhich cells assemble into organs

and tissues] hormone secretion, nerve growthand function.…” Dr. Lipton laments that “though

these research studies havebeenpublished in some of the most respected mainstream

biomedical journals, their revolutionaryfindings have not been incorporated into our medical

school curriculum” (Lipton2005, as cited by Feinstein & Eden, 2006b). Most important for this

book,Dr. Lipton speaks about the implications of this for the field of psychologyand shows

howthe newly identified cellular mechanisms include master switchesthrough which our

thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create the conditions of ourbody and of our place in the world.

From Energy Psychology by MichaelMayer


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