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The Astral Body, Emotional body.

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 9:30 AM



The Astral Body, emotional body, gives you the ability to have desires, emotions, imagination,and psychic abilities. To thought it lends power which is essential for effective action and manifestation.

Range of Consciousness:

Astral consciousness includes the full range of emotions from fear, hate, and sorrow to love, happiness, and ecstasy.)

It also includes the full range ofdesire from totally selfish and destructive desire to common personal desire tohigh spiritual aspiration to selfless serviceful desire.

Astral experiences include dreams, fantasies,out of body experiences, near death experiences, hallucinations, imagination,and visions.

The five astral senses are: Clairaudiance(astral hearing), Psychometry (astral touch/feeling), Clairvoyance (astralsight), Imagination (astral equivalent of taste), and Emotional Idealism(astral equivalent of smell).

Astral consciousness and the Astral Universe includes anything imaginable, from the worst possible hells to the most glorious heavens.

The Astral Universe contains an astral replica of the higheruniverses. It is filled with imagery, feeling, and above all a personal pointof view.


The Astral Body has a figure form in the shape of the Physical Body and an aurausually in an ovoid shape pointed at both ends.

The aura extends about 4 to 9feet from the Physical Body. It has 7 major energy centers, 21 minor energycenters, and many smaller centers, just like the etheric body.

It is constantly changing color, dark to brilliant colors depending upon your mood.

Is the third body. The outer border of the Emotional (Astral) Body follows roughly the outline shape of the Etheric Body with an outer boundary of approximately ten to twelve inches(twenty-five to thirty centimeters).

Barbara Ann Brennan in her excellent bookHands of Light writes, "This body interpenetrates the denser bodies that it surrounds. Its colors vary from brilliant clear hues to dark muddy ones.

Clear and highly energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear ; those feelings that are confused are dark and muddy" (1987). Brennan is agifted healer and clairvoyant and is able to describe the Emotional (Astral)Body in great detail.

The ability to read the Emotional (Astral) Body in this way may take many years of learning experience.

In the Emotional Body, multitudes of different changes are constantly taking place, though an individual may or may not be aware of those changes. Each person is literally bombarded by stimuli from both external and internal sources.

The main fanction of the Emotional Body is to act like a filtration system in a similar way to the Etheric Body. Only when there is imbalance inthe Emotional Body or with the chakras that penetrate it do we become consciousof a shift from our normal state of being.

Changes in the Emotional Body canultimately lead to changes and hence symptoms in the Physical Body.


The Emotional Body (the third of the subtle energy bodies) is more fluid and of a higher vibration than the etheric body.

It appears as colored clouds in continual motion, reflecting the quality and intensity of the emotions.

This is the part of you that likes to "jump out" in times of trauma and shock, to produce a feeling of emotional numbness, which will allow you to slowly integrate the knowledge of the shock in your own way.

The Emotional body, which is also known as the Astral body, is the seat of your emotions. It is the bridge between the mind and the physical body.

Your emotional energy governs your fears and hopes, loves and pains. It governs the extent and nature of one's personality expression upon the physical plane.

This body is the projection of your longings, moods, feelings, appetites, and fears. The emotional "self" is the expression of your mental "self" thus the emotional body is the expression of the mental body.

The energy of the emotional body impacts the Etheric body, which in turn impacts the physical body.

Consequently emotional blockages prevent the manifestation of clarity of thought and direction in the physical body.


The astral body is made of matter of very fine texture as compared withthe visible body, and has a great tensile strength, so that it changesbut little during a lifetime, while the physical alters every moment....The matter of which it is composed is electrical and magnetic in its essence,...


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