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The Causal/Soul Body

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 10:40 AM

The Causal/Soul Body is named "Causal" because it is the originating source of each personality that incarnates in each lifetime. It is the sourceof your personality, causing it to be and exist.

When your personality ends,the essence of you is absorbed back into the Causal Body.

It is the first levelof your individuality that is relatively immortal as the Causal Body exists formany millions of years, during your journey as a human through manyincarnations or lifetimes.

Animals have yet to obtain a Causal Body andsuper-humans that are liberated from the cycle of rebirth discard the CausalBody and move on to higher levels.

The word"Soul" is used as a label for many bodies or human aspects by various religions and cultures.

Generally it is meant to designate the innermostindividuality. Limitations of perception has caused this label to be applied tothe astral body, the mental body and other inner aspects.

Here it is applied tothe Causal Body because it is the pinnacle of personal consciousness.


The Causal Body is the depository for all consciousness and virtues cultivated in each personality life time; especially developed will/power, love-wisdom, and creative intelligence.

It is built out of all the benefits of all past lives.It is the treasure chest that safekeeps the fruits of all past experiences. Itis the vehicle that facilitates the unfolding of consciousness that we use physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It is the vehicle for humanimmortality, whether a personality is in incarnation or not.

Range of Consciousness:

The Causal Body/Soul is the central focal point of consciousness itself for the entire human being. Therefore its range of consciousness includes the physical,etheric, emotional/astral, mental/intellectual. As it awakens spiritually it becomes aware of other souls on its own level and participates in a universe and an existence independent of the personality. The Soul's life is one of unity, group consciousness, love, wisdom, bliss, and purpose. As it spirituallyawakens with the aid of the meditating personality, it extends its range of consciousness into the Higher Mind.

The CausalBody has two additional mental/manasic senses: Response to Group Vibration(used to find its soul group), and Spiritual Telepathy (used to communicate with other souls),  is a key component to ones ability to "dimensionalize" or to manifest and bring about change.

It is the liaison and caveat between thought form, emotional form and physical material form.

When a human being is consciously living they are very aware of nurturing their casual body and work in a spiritual practice to maintain it in a state of well being. When a human being is not aware of their energy, or consciously living the causal body drops into the unconscious and is sometimes called "The Shadow" (See Carl Jung), "Pain Body" (see Eckart Tolle), "The Dark Side".

Within a balanced spiritual practice the causal body is a key component in turning ones concepts into material manifestation delightfully.

In an imbalanced practice one would blame the world around them for that which is experienced and not take responsibility for how they contribute to or manifest the experience.

The Causal Bodyalso known as the Spiritual  Body is a body of consciousness associated with your true spiritual path and direction in life. It is your highest potential and reflects your ability to manifest your souls true potential here on earth.

The essence of your soul's reality is the expression "to be" and this ultimately is the reason for your existence. It has the highest vibration of the auric bodies and depending on the development of your spiritual nature.

It appears as a whitish glow and contains your true spiritual essence.

"Casual consciousness deals with the essence of a subject while the mental level studies the subject's detail. The casual body deals with the essence of substance and the true causes behind the illusion of appearance... The causal plane is a world of realities... deals with essence and underlying nature of things in question. Healing at this level is more powerful than the mental body." (Gerber)


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